Focus on CPH

Focus On CPH is a curated collection of interviews, essays and texts dedicated the artistic photography scene in Copenhagen (Denmark). It involved a number of people operating in the field, from photographers to curators and publishers.
Focus On CPH, comprising of nine articles, appeared on YET magazine’s website between June and August 2016.


Follow the links to read the articles:

Introduction. Small things grow, by Paola Paleari

One Thousand Books 2016. An overview, by Magali Avezou

A conversation with Nicolai Howalt, by Paola Paleari

An interview with Jesper Fabricius, by

Young Danish Photography. Almost 20 years of an exhibition series, by Ingrid Fischer Jonge

A conversation with Emil Rønn Andersen, by Paola Paleari

Absalon Kirkeby. Angels eating lemons, by Sidsel Carré

A conversation with Anu Ramdas, by Paola Paleari

The Happy Marriage of Concept and Content:  New Conceptual Strategies of Socially Engaged Documentary in Contemporary Art, by Mette Sandbye