Bärbel Praun, Maya Rochat, Masha Svyatogor, Matilde Søes Rasmussen, Mathias Tang
Curated by Paola Paleari

Fotopub Festival, Novo Mesto
July 31st – August 5th, 2017

Log Pose is a collective exhibition that brings together five lens-based artists connected by the use of the camera as a tool of analysis of diverse aspects in life: identity, intimacy, society, environment and language.
Personal experience is the starting point of their visual exploration, characterised by a centrifugal force: the artists do not point towards themselves, fostering an univocal point of view, but rather make their attempts available to the public, inviting to interrogate the world we live in. Photography is here accessory to the curiosity that drives them forward and puts them in a very exposed and often vulnerable position. Failure, self-irony, imprecision and awkwardness are contemplated as essential parts of an approach that sees human perception as the practical measure of all things, like in a new Renaissance; but charged with the critical awareness and unescapable subjectivity imposed by our times.
Log Pose is a collection of open questions which the artists address through a wide spectrum of visual solutions – spanning from collage to self-portrait, from video to ready-made installations – along an ongoing and ever-changing process that is shared with the viewer.

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Taking its premises from the act of walking as a working method, the series Impermanent Sculptures (of Indestructible Objects) by Bärbel Praun explores our relation with the environment and focuses in particular on the ecological issue of waste. She uses trash and dumped material found along her walks to create spontaneous installations and performances, made within a limited timeframe, only existing and lasting temporary. The photograph taken is an evidence, documenting a short moment of balance and fragility.

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© Bärbel Praun / The Independent Air

The video installation A Plastic Tool by Maya Rochat adapts and evolves accordingly to the location. The images, projected on a painted wall, are organised in fluid sequences at different rhythms and scales. The organic and open motifs travel in the room together with sound, creating a set of associations and proposing new contexts for reading. The spectator is invited to discover a contemplative and poetic experience that invades the space and grabs the attention on different sensorial levels.

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© MayaRochat

By the means of digital collages, Masha Svyatogor places herself and her subjects in the neighbourhoods of Minsk, where she was born and lives. Even if they comprise mainly of everyday elements, the resulting scenes are often surreal and slightly uncanny and communicate a sense of confusion and dissatisfaction, that the author tries to exorcise through artistic action. Created from a very personal urge, Masha’s collages tell us a lot about the current social, cultural and political situation of her country and her generation.

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© Masha Svyatogor

Experimentation and aesthetics are keywords in Matilde Søes Rasmussen’s pictures, that mingle personal diary, fashion photography and digital art. Matilde’s work cannot be labelled under a single genre or style and is characterised by manipulation, that she often employs to play with the concepts of gender, sexuality and truth and to evoke an immediate and empathetic reaction within the viewer.

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© Matilde Søes_Rasmussen

Mathias Tang’s interest lies in the exploration of acts of being through photography. He examines how the act of photographing and the physical presence of the camera influence his and his subjects’ behaviours. His photographs are enigmatic and timeless and seem to provide glimmers of the presence of an undisclosed world. The contrast between intimacy and distance, researched and obtained within the formal confines of photography, is where the feeling of bewilderment conveyed by his images originates from.

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© Mathias Tang


Bärbel Praun, born 1978 in Germany. She studied Photography and Media at University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld (2000-06). She currently lives between Portugal, Germany and Switzerland. Solo and group exhibitions in Denmark, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Belgium, Lithuania, Slovenia, Norway and Sweden. Artist in Residencies in Vienna (bm:ukk, AT) and Clervaux (Cité de l’image, LUX) in 2012, Jakobstad (via Künstlerhaus Schwandorf, FIN) in 2013, Klaipeda (Culture Communication Center, LT) in 2014, Stein am Rhein (Windler-Stiftung, CH) in 2015 and Portugal (The Independent AIR) in 2016/2017.
In 2015, Praun self-published her book ‘this must be the place’, a personal exploration of land, place and the concept of home. She is currently developing new work on the theme of the Anthropocene, evolved during The Independent AIR residency in Portugal 2016/17, to be published and exhibited in Aarhus, Denmark in August 2017.

Maya Rochat (born 1985) shows her works and installations in institutions of great significance such as Palais de Tokyo and Centre culturel suisse (library) – Paris, La Filature – Mulhouse, [7P] FOTOFESTIVAL – Heidelberg, TATE Modern (turbine hall) – London, FOTOMUSEUM Winterthur, Centre de la photographie – Genève, Centre PasquArt – Bienne and Fotohof – Salzburg. She is the laureate of the A. Hermanjat Foundation Prize 2016, and benefitted the “Prix de la relève” Pro Helvetia in 2015. She was selected for the artist residencies at Foto Festival Verzsaca, “Project Space” Centre d’art Contemporain Genève and Air Berlin Alexanderplatz.
Maya benefited the support of “Promotion des livres de photographie” Pro Helvetia for the publication of “Crystal Clear” by Editions Patrick Frey and “A Plastic Tool” by Meta/Books. Maya Rochat’s images are published by international revues and magazines. She currently lives and works in Lausanne.

Masha Svyatogor (born 1989 in Minsk) is a Belarusian visual artist working with photography. She studied Philology at the Belarusian State University. She currently lives and works as a freelance photographer in Minsk. Her work has been exhibited in group shows in Belarus, Russia, Georgia, USA and Canada and featured in several international magazines.

Matilde Søes Rasmussen (born 1990) is a Danish artist based in Copenhagen who works in the field of photography and video. She studied at Fatamorgana – The Danish School of Art Photography, where she graduated in summer 2016. She has travelled all over the world for both private purposes and working as a model. She has lived in New York, San Francisco, Tokyo and lastly in Paris for four years. She exhibited her work in Copenhagen, London and New York and she co-curated the exhibition ”Photographing the Female” on show at the photo festival ”Focus” in Mumbai, March 2017.

Mathias Tang (born 1989) is a Danish artist that works between Amsterdam and Berlin. He is currently attending a BA in Fine Arts Photography at Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. He received the Art and Research Honours Programme from the University of Amsterdam in 2015 and was nominated for The European Photography Prize in 2016.

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